Public Sale, Whitelisting, and DEX Launch

Dear Community,

We proudly bring to you another satisfying milestone towards the much-anticipated ChainFlowers public sale! In this post, we’ll inform you of the next phases for the public round, whitelisting, and market launch in a DEX.

ChainFlowers Public Sale

We have come a long way and it’s just the beginning. Our successful seed and private rounds are over, and now it’s time to open it up for the public round. The tokens will be available to public investors on a limited listing from June 7th to June 11th.

DEX: Uniswap

Our Ethereum-based token will initially be released on Uniswap on June 15th! Yes, you heard it (or read) it right! ChainFlowers Tokens will be available for everyone starting June 15th!

We strongly encourage you to complete the whitelisting process in advance of the market release in order to avoid any potential delays in processing your information and to take advantage of a fixed price. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and we are expecting a rise in the price soon after releasing the token, which means you might buy the coin a little bit more expensive than in the public round.


The process is very simple! Go to and follow along. You’ll only have to fill out your basic information, input the amount you want to invest, create a pin number, verify your identity, and sign the agreement. Easy-peasy! You will then receive an email with additional post-approval steps.

The email describes how to deposit your pledge and the tokenomics too (which you can also find in the whitepaper). 15% of your CFLO tokens will unlock on day 1 of Uniswap Launch date (June 15th), with 21.25% further being unlocked monthly for 4 subsequent months for Private Sale Round and 7.08% unlocked monthly for 12 subsequent months for Seed Round.

After you send the funds and reply back with your transaction ID, we’ll reply back within 24 hours confirming everything looks okay.

And no worries, everyone who is reading this blog post will have a chance to participate in the ChainFlowers public sale (if you read it before June 11th, haha)!

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Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming days and weeks!


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ChainFlowers is an Ethereum based platform for creation and trading of Floral Arrangements NFT